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Reporting an Outage

Power outages occur for a variety of reasons. They typically result from lightning striking power equipment, from tree limbs or other vegetation falling on electric wires, from animals coming in contact with lines, or from equipment malfunction.

If You Lose Power:
  • Before calling the Co-op during a power outage, check to see if others in your area have lost power. This information will help us determine the cause of the outage. If others have lights and you don't, check your home's panel box. A blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker could be at fault.
  • If you've determined that the source of the interruption is outside your home, call the Co-op at once. Keep the CVEC ACTION outage number near your phone so you can find them quickly (800-367-2832).
  • If you are without power for an extended period, turn off large electric appliances and equipment. This practice prevents circuits from being overloaded if refrigerators, water heaters, computers, TVs, and other appliances come on all at once when power is restored.
  • Keep one lamp on so you will know when the power is restored.
  • Keep the door to your refrigerator or freezer closed. If your door seals are tight, your food will normally be safe for several hours without power.
  • Once your power has been restored, remember to plug in or turn on any needed electric appliances or equipment that you shut off during the outage. Also restock your emergency supplies.
Stay Away From Downed Power Lines!

Our crews are on call and will respond 24 hours a day to restore service as quickly as possible. Call CVEC at 800-367-2832.


Call our Storm Response System, "ACTION", to help us restore power quickly. Call 800-367-2832 day or night to report an outage.
  • Our automated system can identify your location by caller ID or by the information that you provide.
  • Have the name in which the account is listed, your name, and phone number ready.
  • Pole number and account number from your billing stub can be helpful.
  • Note the time of the outage and your location.
  • Tell us about any flashes or unusual noises that may identify the source of the problem.
Thank you in advance for helping to identify where a fallen tree or bad weather may have damaged our distribution lines. With your help we will locate the problem and restore service as quickly as possible.

Warning for Standby Generator Operators!

If you use a standby generator during power outages, remember improper generator hookup can create serious problems in safety and service.

It's very important for your home to have the proper transfer switch. This switching device is used to transfer the electric service from the power line to the generator. If the switch is not used, feedback from the generator on to our power lines could endanger the lives of line crews working to restore your power. Feedback could also damage your generator, home wiring, and appliances.

Please contact CVEC (800-367-2832) before installing and using standby generators. We can provide helpful safety information and will also document your account that you have a generator that may be operational during an outage.

Outage Kit

While CVEC does all it can to prevent outages and to restore electricity quickly, you can take steps to make your situation as safe and as comfortable as possible. Prepare an outage kit before the lights go out and include the following:
  • flashlights
  • extra batteries
  • candles & matches
  • wood for fireplace
  • kerosene, propane, or oil lamp and appropriate fuel
  • paper plates and plastic utensils
  • stored water
  • battery operated radio and clock
  • extra blankets or sleeping bags
  • portable fire extinguisher
  • manual can opener
  • canned goods or other easily prepared foods

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